Does Wearing Only Mask Protect Us From Corona?

There are many changes COVID-19 has created in our lives. While we could never imagine that such a thing would happen to us a year ago, we are now trying to combat the negative effects of this pandemic worldwide. The first and still maintained basic measure in this process is; mask! Although the obligation to wear a mask is not nice, it is now part of our lives! But does wearing a mask protect us from the corona? How effective is it? Here we will talk about them…

Are Masks Effective?

Although the type and method of use of the mask used at this point are of great importance, wearing a mask, in general, can prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It may be more beneficial if the mask you wear is a cloth mask that is suitable for breathing but also has a protective feature, as well as the exact fit and coating of the mask on your face and especially on the nose.


In short, when the correct mask is used and the nose and mouth are completely closed, the possibility of transmission of the virus in the environment through the mouth and respiratory tract decreases. In particular, wearing a mask by infected people significantly affects the virus’s non-spreading.


Is Full Protection Possible Only With a Mask?

Unfortunately, no! We already know that the Coronavirus can adhere to certain surfaces and remain alive for a certain period of time. Although the virus is transmitted through respiratory and bodily fluids, it is also possible that it infects us and travels to areas such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. For this reason, it is not possible to create 100% protection by using only a mask.


It is a fact that various extra precautions are needed such as avoiding touching the places touched by many people or washing / disinfecting our hands afterward, disinfecting the products we bring from the outside in the same way, changing our clothes when we go back home or not walking around the house with shoes.


When Should We Use The Mask?

If you are in your home or another safe environment; If there is nobody around you with the symptoms of this disease and you feel healthy, it is not necessary to wear a mask. But apart from that, it will be the best way to wear a mask and not remove your mask when you go out in all social situations and even for a short time.


Do not neglect to be careful not only to wear a mask in social areas but also to comply with social distance restrictions and not to put yourself and anyone around you at risk.


If I Get COVID-19?

Despite all precautions, we know that there are people who get this disease and that the virus spreads faster than other viruses. In this case, unfortunately, we also have a risk of getting COVID-19. The struggle for COVID-19 continues rapidly throughout the USA … The state has taken various measures for both infected people and healthy citizens. But the most important thing is to have health insurance.

If this happens, do not neglect to be included in a health insurance plan to receive comprehensive service and have the right treatment process. If you need more detailed information about health insurance and insurance companies, you can request free support by filling out our form and quickly join an insurance plan that includes treatment for COVID-19.


With the wish of a healthy year!