Perhaps you are wondering about getting better health insurance coverage in the midst of the second wave of coronavirus. Also, you probably saw in the news that vaccines are being experimented on at a fast pace in several countries. And yes there are, at the moment, more than two hundred coronavirus vaccines currently in development.

In that particular winter of the year 2020, people are looking for answers about the nature of coronavirus. That’s why, today, we want to address one particular point: Is the coronavirus mutating since scientists discovered it? 

What Is A Mutation? 

You’ve probably heard about the killing of 15 million minks in Denmark as scientists found a new version of the virus: a mutation. Meaning that the virus created another version of himself. In most cases, this genetic mutation results in a weaker virus and in some cases a stronger virus. 


The danish episode is revealing the fear of having to deal with a new version of the known COVID-19 virus. Since billions of dollars are going into vaccine research, some scientists were concerned that this mutation makes the virus immune to the type of vaccine being developed. 

Did Mutations Already Occur? 

In 2002, the SARS-CoV-1 virus was killing people but was spreading after symptoms began. The consequences were easier to manage in that case. For the 2020 virus, a kind of similar phenomenon cured in February 2020. The mutation led to a change in the viral spike protein. This mutation is responsible for a greater infection rate without making the virus more dangerous. This version is the one being studied to find a vaccine and slow down the infection rate throughout the general population. 


How COVID-19 Mutations Are Monitored? 

It appears that 2021 can be the year of this mutation fear. Since vaccines are making news after news, the power of a successful discovery will heavily impact our day to day behavior in the coming years. 


So far, many mutations have occurred but none of them really impacted the way the virus replicates or transmitted to one another. Scientists are monitoring closely any mutation found around the globe. That’s why the fastest a vaccine is available and proven to be efficient the fewer chances are that the virus finds an answer to the immune system protection. 


Getting prepared for 2021 means that it can be a great opportunity for anybody to do a health check-up. At the same time, it is always good to review your health insurance coverage during wintertime. Don’t hesitate to fill out the form to get more detailed information about this topic.


We hope that you will enjoy a safe and healthy Christmas time with your family!