When Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Ends?

With the coming mass vaccinations, you may think that the global answer to the coronavirus pandemic has been found. Perhaps the vaccinations will bring an end to the economic lockdowns and free the beds of the crowded intensive care units. Maybe, travel restrictions will be lifted when the majority of the population will get immunity against COVID-19.

What if all of this is just the beginning? What if we will have to live with the virus-like we are doing with others like HIV? Today, we are discussing these questions, is there an end to this long corona tunnel, how far is the end? 

Are We Getting Out Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

These questions will only be answered when we can take a step back and get a wide view of the coronavirus crisis as a whole. For now, health measures are being taken. Medical treatment and corona vaccines are getting available for people in a few countries. Temperature checks are made all around the world to track any possible symptoms of an infected individual. Travel restrictions are implemented drastically to avoid international contaminations. 

While physically distancing ourselves from one another, the virus is not spreading, but it stays contagious by nature. Meaning that even in a nearly immune population there are still people who can be infected and people more vulnerable to such disease. This virus is compromising the immune system response of our bodies. That’s why scientists said that we may have to live with the virus forever. 

Promising Vaccine Or False Hope?

The last time the World Health Organization stated the coronavirus is under control is still to be seen. Scientists at the WHO are saying that the pandemic can be controlled with a vaccine. What they are also saying is that the total elimination of the disease will take an important amount of time. 

Health officials and scientists estimate that four or five years will be necessary to get the epidemic under control. The timeline will depend on whether or not the most affected population is changing their behavior or if the pharmaceutical intervention is fruitful. In both cases, it is quite rare that a fight against a virus has even won. Most of the time we simply continue to live while the virus is still around.

Developing a vaccine is important for getting a better immune and prepared population. Having a successful vaccine doesn’t need that the most vulnerable living among us doesn’t need to be protected anymore. Together we can all be a part of the public health improvements of our societies and planet. 

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