Of course, we want vaccines to be a permanent solution to quickly overcome the pandemic period and leave behind our periods in isolation. But it is also a matter of curiosity whether the corona vaccine will definitely work. Could the corona vaccine protect us 100% from corona flu? Will vaccination of everyone prevent the spread of this virus? Here we will tell you about them…

What is Corona Vaccine?

First of all, let’s talk about exactly how the corona vaccine was developed… Thus, you will have a chance to get general information. Vaccines are generally used to integrate trace amounts of viruses and bacteria into the body and to develop a natural immunity of the body against this bacterium or virus. If your body manages to combat this minimal virus, you will be able to bypass it more easily when you catch this sickness. But as we said “in general” vaccines are developed this way. But the situation is a little different for the corona vaccine!

We have seen that coronavirus has fatal consequences for people with other side diseases. While millions of people around the world manage to overcome this disease, millions of people die again. In this case, while the corona vaccine was produced, an antibody called RNA and the genetic code of the virus were developed and produced. In other words, the corona vaccine does not protect you from corona, but it neutralizes the effects of the disease to a large extent.

You Are 95% Safe!

Corona vaccines do not provide 100% protection but reduce the effects of the disease by 95%. But not all at once! The trial vaccine, which is applied to 30,000 people, has been administered in two doses in four weeks. As a result of the analysis; It was observed that the rate of improving Covid-19 symptoms was based on 95. So the data now proves that the vaccine protects people with a certain rate of 94.5% and that the vaccinated people do not experience severe cases of COVID.

How About Side Effects?

People also wonder if they will experience some side effects from the vaccine after the vaccine is found and made. In the trial vaccines so far, it has been reported that the corona vaccine is 100% safe, just like paracetamol, and only some people experience minor side effects such as short-lived fatigue, headache, and temporary non-severe pain.

How long the Corona vaccine can be applied to everyone and when the world will return to its normal state are still discussed. If you want to get more information about this and to be included in an insurance plan that covers both COVID-19 and other side diseases, you can contact us by filling out our form and get the support you need.