What If I Don’t Want To Be Vaccinated?

Since it is thought to be the fastest and most effective solution, studies on coronavirus vaccines continue rapidly in almost every country in the world. Developing and applying this vaccine in a short time is not as easy and fast as it seems. Considering the rate of spread of the virus, the damage it causes and the world population, we do not think that the vaccination process will be as short and effective as it seems.

There are also some rumors on this subject… In addition to how effective the vaccine will be, there is a possibility that it will not be effective or cause side effects. So is it mandatory to have a corona vaccine? What can happen if you don’t do it? We list the answers to all these questions right below…

Why Do We Need COVID-19 Vaccine?

First of all, let’s talk about why the COVID-19 vaccine is necessary, for what purpose we need it… As you know, there have been periods of common and infectious diseases in history, and the measures are taken and the methods developed in these periods are actually used for the period we are in now. Such events experienced in the past guide us through the current pandemic process.

Since coronavirus cannot be overcome as easily as a virus that causes similar diseases such as influenza and has a rapidly reproducing structure, the risk will continue, even if people gain immunity. The flu vaccine was developed precisely for this reason and was recommended to people, even if they had the flu so that they could go through this process more smoothly. This is exactly the case for the coronavirus. But it seems that we will not have an option not to get the coronavirus vaccine.

What Awaits Us If We Don’t Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

The government plans to make it mandatory for everyone, primarily healthcare teams, to have this vaccine gradually from the moment the vaccine is available. It is predicted that there will be certain sanctions if the vaccine is not made or not wanted. So what kind of sanctions will these be? Are penalties or restrictions? Although there is no clear decision, there are some ideas that come up …

If you decline the COVID-19 vaccine, you will be restricted from entering places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, and gyms. For people who do not have evidence of vaccination, restriction of normal life will be the first measure taken. Since it is known that the vaccine will not return to normal immediately, this process will take time. However, when the period when everyone is expected to be vaccinated is reached, thanks to a system where people who are not vaccinated can be registered, they will not have the right to find a job, to maintain a social life, to receive services freely and from anywhere, and to travel.

As you cannot do any social activity without vaccination; It will be impossible for you to travel at home and abroad. There may even be a health passport arrangement for those who have vaccinated in the future. Thanks to this system, which will allow easy tracking of all our health data, not only whether we are vaccinated, but also all other disease histories can be observed.

In short, we are in a process that is not easy at all. This process will get easier, but it seems that the easing, that is, the normalization steps, will force us a lot. We hope that the coronavirus vaccine will be activated in a short time and will be useful in bringing life back to the expected normalcy.

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